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If you want to work in Frankfurt as an escort girl (18+) at DIAMOND-ESCORT® Frankfurt and are looking for your own apartment, then get in touch. You can move in here with your boyfriend or girlfriend for a fair rent.


DIAMOND-ESCORT® Frankfurt is a successful high-class escort agency in the Rhine-Main area that has existed for over 25 years with many serious, satisfied, national and international customers.

Minimum age 18 years, good manners, loyalty, honesty, reliability, punctuality, a well-groomed appearance, a positive, attractive and natural charisma are prerequisites for a successful cooperation. We guarantee you absolute fairness, anonymity, security and 100% freedom of choice

You can expect a friendly, professional team, extensive support / induction, of course a say, driving service and best earning opportunities with free time management. Beginners, students and housewives are also welcome to register.

Are you curious? Then we look forward to you!
Your Diamond Escort Frankfurt

We ask you to apply to us by telegram.

>>> +66984244500 <<<

You can reach us by phone from Monday to Saturday from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the following number:

We will of course treat your data as strictly confidential!

Region Frankfurt am Main – Darmstadt – Wiesbaden – Mainz – Aschaffenburg – Hanau – Friedberg

How to have multiple orgasms

How to have multiple orgasms Multiple orgasm (multiorgasm) is the ability to experience orgasm several times during one sexual act. Usually it is three to five. Multiple orgasms seem to be the ultimate goal of the sexual act: difficult to achieve, but all the more tempting.  It is believed that male multiple orgasm is impossible because there is a refractory period after ejaculation. The nerve and muscle tissue recovers from stress and the erection temporarily disappears. To restart a man, he needs time: from a few hours to several days.

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Sex addiction and nymphomania There is a prejudice that a real man should have sex all the time. And that is why people with sex addiction find it difficult to talk about their illness. Those who suffer from this disorder suffer from uncontrollable sexual desires. There are many reasons for hypersexuality. Starting with upbringing and ending with medical problems.  What is sex addiction? Sex addiction (or hypersexuality) is an excessive and compulsive sexual desire. People lose control of their impulses, drives and sexual behavior. The result is feelings of shame

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Some ideas for couples who want to experience something new Family life is a complicated matter for every couple. It is important to be friends and good in bed. But over time, the usual positions and other routine activities become boring. Do you then need to look for new experiences? You should not jump to conclusions. How can you spice up your life with your wife? In this article, we will look at how you can add variety to your sex life and maintain the relationship with your partner. A

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Going to the brothel as a couple: This is how you get your threesome! A threesome is something new and exciting for a couple who have decided to vary their personal lives. However, one of the first hurdles couples face is finding the right third partner for a threesome. This can seem daunting, especially for those who are venturing into this field for the first time. If you approach the search with care and respect, finding the right partner for a threesome becomes easier. One option is a threesome with

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