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Age: 27 Bust Size: 75D Height: 170
Weight: 65 kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75B Height: 167
Weight: 48kg
Age: 24 Bust Size: 80B Height: 165
Weight: 45kg
Age: 21 Bust Size: 85B, Natural Height: 167
Weight: 54kg
Age: 27 Bust Size: 75C Height: 174
Weight: 65 kg
Age: 21 Bust Size: 75D, Natural Height: 180
Weight: 65 kg
Age: 27 Bust Size: 80 D Height: 173
Weight: 68kg
Age: 26 Bust Size: 95D, Silicone Height: 170
Weight: 59kg
Age: 26 Bust Size: 75C Height: 181
Weight: 57kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75B Height: 163
Age: 32 Bust Size: 95C Height: 170
Weight: 70kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 80B Height: 160
Weight: 49kg
Age: 26 Bust Size: 75B Height: 170
Weight: 55kg
Age: 23 Bust Size: 75B Height: 170
Weight: 53kg
Age: 28 Bust Size: 75D Height: 167
Weight: 48kg
Age: 27 Bust Size: 85D Height: 167
Weight: 52kg
Age: 22 Bust Size: 70D, Natural Height: 160
Weight: 55kg
Age: 39 Bust Size: 75 C Height: 172
Age: 21 Bust Size: 75 C, Natural Height: 169
Weight: 65kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75B Height: 164
Weight: 61 kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 80C Height: 174
Weight: 70kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75A Height: 168
Weight: kg
Age: 26 Bust Size: 75C, Natural Height: 174
Weight: 57kg
Age: 28 Bust Size: 75B, Natural Height: 170
Weight: 56kg
Age: 29 Bust Size: 75C Height: 170
Weight: 58kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75C Height: 34
Weight: 57kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75C, Natural Height: 167
Weight: 58kg
Age: 27 Bust Size: 75D, Natural Height: 160
Weight: 50kg
Age: 27 Bust Size: 85D (Silicone) Height: 173
Weight: 59kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75B Height: 169
Weight: 51kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75 c Height: 180
Weight: kg58
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75C Height: 173
Weight: 52kg
Age: 22 Bust Size: 75B, Natural Height: 167
Weight: 47kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75A, Natural Height: 165
Weight: 52kg
Age: 29 Bust Size: 80D, Natural Height: 174
Weight: 65kg

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