A small penis is not a sentence. Statistics show that girls prefer small sizes

Penisgröße: Das wichtigste Kriterium, nach dem Sie jemals beurteilt werden – zumindest laut Internet. Fühlen Sie sich defensiv? Das liegt wahrscheinlich daran, dass die Gesellschaft Ihnen weismachen will, dass es auf die Größe ankommt und dass Sie sich Sorgen machen, ob Ihr Penis groß genug ist. Leider hat sie nicht viel getan, um Ihnen zu sagen, was groß genug ist. 

Die Wahrheit ist: Es gibt keine normale Penisgröße, und es ist völlig normal, wenn Sie sich manchmal ein wenig Sorgen machen oder unsicher sind, weil Sie das letzte Mal mit dem Lineal in Ihrer Nachttischschublade nachgesehen haben.

Professionelle Hotties können dir helfen, etwas Neues auszuprobieren und sicherzustellen, dass deine Penisgröße in Ordnung ist. Es gibt Blondinen und Brünette, die wissen, wie man mit den unterschiedlichen Penisgrößen von Männern umgeht. Du wirst hier sicher Spaß haben und dafür sorgen, dass du sexy und attraktiv bist.

What penis size do women prefer?

There is a difference between “satisfactory size” and “average penis size”. So let’s start with what most readers want to find out: What do most women want in a sexual partner? You can always diversify your sex life and show your girlfriend that you have no complexes. Try threesomes and new positions. Here you can find a girl for the night and show your whole sexuality.

While there isn’t a government-funded women’s body that meets annually to decide what the “ideal penis size” is, research seems to indicate that women range in size from 2 to 4 inches.

Do girls like small cocks? For example, women in a long-term relationship prefer a slightly smaller penis of around 12 cm in length and 10 cm in circumference than in a short-term relationship. This suggests that the longer women are with you, the less expectations women have of you (hooray, expectations are falling!).

The sex toy size women prefer usually aligns with what they are looking for in terms of their penis in a short-term relationship or in a long-term partner.

What is a big penis?

Girls like big or small cocks? With all the fear of the micropenis and the praise of the “perfect” penis: what makes a penis “satisfying” is not just the size.

In a 2021 review published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, researchers looked at the results of 10 studies that measured the length of men’s erect penis and 21 studies that measured men’s stretched penis.

They found that the average length of the penis when erect is between 10 and 11 cm – a far cry from what many people expect. They also said the actual average is probably on the lower end of that range due to bias in reporting.

How to improve the feeling of having sex with a small penis?

Since you can’t enlarge your penis – at least not without an expensive surgery that carries a high risk of complications – what can you do to improve the physical sensations during sex and ensure that you and your partner have more satisfying sex have with each other?

Depending on where your strengths and weaknesses lie, you might be able to make big improvements even without a backyard penis transplant. What if a little dick you got:

  • Work on your stamina. Just like whether or not an average sized penis is best, how long sex should last is a matter of interpretation. According to a survey of sex therapists, sex that lasts seven to 13 minutes is usually found to be the most satisfying. However, the average sex session lasts between three and 13 minutes.
  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction. If you have trouble maintaining a steady footing during sex, it could affect the size of your erection. Try an ED medication like Sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra) to help you stay harder during sexual arousal.
  • Communicate with your partner. If you’re concerned that you don’t have the ideal penis size for your partner, talk to him about your concerns. You will find that your partner is very happy with your penis and doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable or anxious.

Girls like big or small cocks? Women don’t really care about penis size. What matters is how a man knows how to use it. Work on yourself, on your endurance and learn to listen to your partner. Everyone has their erogenous points and not everyone can find them right away. Make your partner happy.

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