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There are many top-class escorts in Frankfurt who have been in the industry for many years and have slept many different men so they know exactly what the gentlemen actually want. We hope, therefore, that you enjoy the following secrets sex workers have revealed regarding what men want from them.

Gwyneth Montenegro is a beautiful woman who has worked as an escort for more than 10 years. In all this time she has slept with many men of all ages and with different personalities. Gwyneth actually wrote a book about her longstanding experience in the sex industry in which she revealed the surprising things that gentlemen will pay for. Her book is called “How To Be Financially Successful In The Sex Industry” and she said that in many cases men don’t even want sex from an escort, which is certainly quite surprising to many people. Then why do men see escorts? Well because they need someone to talk to about their intimate things and problems, or because they are suffering.

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During their time in the industry, the most important thing for their customers was the feeling of being both needed and wanted. Men love to be desperately wanted by a very horny woman and this is their ultimate fantasy. This is an important consideration regardless of what sex you actually have. If as a woman you look like you mean him badly and you enjoy him a lot then this is definitely going to drive a man crazy. In the book, the ex-escort also mentioned the fact that many girls in the sex industry try to outdo other women with actions or techniques they employ, but this should be avoided. Why do men go to escorts? There are other reasons as well. Maybe they haven’t had sex in a while and they don’t have a partner, or maybe they just want to experience something new.

While many women think that men like large breasts, escorts show that this is not true as many of them like the feeling of real small breasts. One of the biggest myths is the fact that men want younger women. In this industry, women of any age can be successful as there are many men who want to experience sex with mature women and even women in their fifties or sixties. There are so many escort agencies out there these days that it won’t be too difficult to find one and choose an attractive girl to spend your time with. In the UK, Escort is one of the most reliable and popular escort directories out there. Here you have the opportunity to choose between different sex workers of all ages with different characters, personalities and nationalities. Going back to the book Gwyneth wrote, it’s important to know that she wrote it to empower women around the world who want to become Escort Frankfurt Models and teach them how to survive when they are in the sex industry.

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