How often do men think about sex?

It is believed that men think about sex all the time or every 7 seconds, but the figures are not fully backed up as it is about 7200 thoughts about sex per day. And that’s an incredible amount. Is it a constant and so where is the truth?

Research Findings

There is some research on man thinking about sex. Scientists find that on average, men think about sex about 19 times a day. Women have fewer such thoughts – about 10 erotic thoughts a day. During the experiment, one respondent clicked the counter 388 times, meaning he thought about sex every 2 minutes.

But men are more likely to think about food and sleep than sex, which means they’re more responsive to physiological stimuli. But the results of the study are quite subjective, because when a person makes an effort not to think about something, it becomes almost impossible to forget it.

Myths about sex

Some women are seriously convinced that men are only interested in sex and they don’t need anything else from women. And so they ask themselves – why do men love sex? And do they just love sex, or is there something else that attracts them to women? Well, first of all, men do not only love sex, and besides sex, they often need many other things from women, which they also need and which, by the way, not all women can give a man. Second, women also love sex, although not always as much as men do, but they still need it, which is natural.

Why do men like sex

So why does sex attract men, what’s so beautiful about it? The first thing to say is that sex is pleasure. And sex with a prostitute is a great, incomparable pleasure. On the site you will find the hottest prostitutes who love sex as much as men. All humans seek pleasure and avoid pain, so they love, including sex, and dislike, say, hard work. Sex is attractive in itself, as a form of pleasure. And it is attractive not only for men, but also for women. But sex is one of the most basic and accessible forms of pleasure for most people. That’s why they love him.

Other reasons to love sex

Of course, one cannot only consider evolution. There are other physical and psychological reasons that explain the greatest desire for intimacy in men:

  • Higher libido. Testosterone – the main male sex hormone – is responsible for the desire to enter into a sexual relationship. Even the most intimate uninitiated man has 20 times more of this hormone than any woman.
  • Regular orgasms. A man’s orgasm is much easier than a woman’s. Boys get excited faster. It takes them less than 5 minutes to get a stable erection, and every sexual intercourse or masturbation ends in ejaculation for them. In a young woman, the discharge depends on the psychological mood and sensitivity to caresses, so sex is not given so much importance.
  • Men are psychologically very different from women. When a man is stressed, the only way to relieve him is by arguing with someone, driving around town at high speed, having a good drink with friends, or having sex. The latter method is considered by most men to be the most accessible, prudent, comfortable and safe for life and health.

However, women are also depraved. In fact, there is nothing unnatural about a woman loving sex as much as a man. Prostitutes, for example, have an increased need for love. And an acute desire for intimacy is observed at the beginning of a relationship, when the sex partners burn with passion for each other.

Why you should approach prostitutes

First, in the modern world, where issues of religiosity and strict Puritan morality have receded into the background, sex is normal and, for many, a regular part of leisure. Why not use the services of girls who sell their bodies for money from time to time? Especially when the money is there and it’s not a pity to spend it on such a pleasant cause. Many men prefer sex with prostitutes, also because this type of entertainment can save a lot of time. Here you don’t have to waste time with getting to know each other, flirting, courtship, dating, etc. In addition, you can choose girls with real photos to your liking, knowing in advance all the parameters of the girl. In short, sex with a prostitute is comfortable.

Besides, sex is good for your health. This has been irrefutably proven by modern scientists and doctors. The main positive effect of sex is emotional release.

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