Neon condoms add more color to sex

Luminous condoms have recently made their way into the world of intimacy. But many couples have already used this type of contraception and left their mark. Using glowing smooth condoms is a really unusual method of safe intercourse. The most important thing is to read the instructions as these items only work under certain circumstances. You can use this condom at any time with a escort lady and get new feelings. She will show you how to use it properly and together you can have a great time.

What are the special features of glowing condoms?

Manufacturers have created a new type of condom for people who want to spice up their close relationships. It’s a contraceptive for the man who shines. It consists of two layers of latex sandwiched between layers of chemical zinc sulfide and copper. This chemical makes the condom shine at night. In most cases, only the tip of the condom will glow. But if you look closely, you might also spot unusual variants of glow-in-the-dark condoms, including those that are fully illuminated, colored, and striped. Since only latex comes into contact with the skin, manufacturers of these lightweight items claim that this method of birth control is safe for sexual partners.

Why you should use neon condoms

Neon condoms are a good option for several reasons.

  • The light condom is unusual. They help revitalize the relationship and increase sexual arousal and desire. This contraceptive method is more suitable for couples who have spent a lot of time together.
  • Fun part of sex life. First-time users are usually happy when they come across sub-standard condoms, especially when they’re completely shiny. Therefore, it is better to refuse such fireflies if this is the first time a man has an intimate relationship with a particular woman. In addition, if the girl is prone to sarcasm, there is a good chance that the guy will get a strange nickname.
  • Manufacturers continue to claim that the fluorescent novelty is safe, even though proponents of traditional birth control pills dispute this. To assure customers of the safety of the materials used to manufacture condoms, several research and quality certificates are offered as support.

A crucial aspect of glowing condoms is that you need to take your time before using them. In order to glow, they must be exposed to the light of a lamp or the sun. Because the packaging is transparent, the condoms are charged with the energy needed to glow. With only 30 seconds of charging, the device can shine for 30 minutes.

How to use fluorescent condoms properly

Before use, remove the fluorescent condoms from the packaging and place them in bright light without fully unpacking them. Electric lighting is not as effective as sunlight, which takes 5 to 7 minutes to charge. In order to prevent unwanted or even harmful effects, it is important to accurately estimate the size of the condom. In addition, you must pinch the tip of the condom with your fingers before putting it on to make room in the engine for the sperm to come out. Otherwise, the sexual organ will receive a new distribution of seminal fluid. Obtain the product immediately after ejaculation. On the site you will find many beautiful escorts who will be happy to show you how to use a neon condom. You just have to choose the girl you like and invite her on a date.

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