What is a G-spot and how to find it!

There is a small area in the vagina called the Grafenberg point or G-spot. Where is the point G in women? It is located about 2.5 centimeters inside the vaginal entrance on the upper vaginal wall – closest to the belly button. The G-spot zone is erogenously sensitive, swells slightly during arousal and feels raised or uneven.

Although all women have this tissue, some like it when their G-spots are stimulated and others don’t. And many don’t notice a difference in sensation one way or the other. Many women have orgasms and about 10 percent ejaculate when their G-spots are stimulated.

Now where is dot-G when do I know it exists?

First things first, you need to know where to look. The G-spot is about four inches in and two inches in the vagina. But all women are different, and you may need to move two cm up and to the right or left. This requires exploration and is best done with your fingers.

And while it’s long been considered a minor mystery of human sexuality, once you find it, you can get that always elusive double clitoris and g-spot orgasm (yes!).

If you are wondering “How to find point G?” read the tips:

Here are some tips on how to find the G-spot:

  • Before you set your fingers on a caving mission, get in a sexy mood. When you’re aroused, more blood flows to your pelvic region, making the spot elevated and easier to find. So light some candles, fantasize, start feminist porn or do whatever you want.
  • Once you’re all hot and worried, insert your fingers four to six inches up, curl your fingers, and then rock them toward your belly button.
  • When playing with a man or a toy, you can enter the vagina from behind and keep the pressure towards your belly button.
  • Your G-spot may feel rougher than other parts of your vagina or feel like a ridged area, but this is not always the case. The best way to find it is to experiment.

Stimulate G-spot in women

  • The best way to find the G-spot is to stimulate it. When preparing for a round of sexual exploration, start with a comfortable environment and enough time to relax and take a calm approach.
  • Play it up. Foreplay is essential, whether you’re exploring with a partner or alone. Foreplay increases blood flow, creates arousal, and helps increase sensation to make the experience more enjoyable and rewarding.
  • Sexual exploration and lube go hand in hand. Lube reduces friction for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Sex toys can also add texture, rhythm, pressure and extra reach to the fun.
  • For manual G-spot exploration, the typical inward and outward thrusting motion used for vaginal stimulation is best replaced with a come-here motion.
  • The person whose G-spot is being stimulated can lie on their back. You or a partner can insert one or two fingers (palm up) into the vagina and make a coming-in motion against the front of the vagina with varying speeds and pressures. Stimulate different areas to see what is most comfortable.
  • Choose your positions. When it comes to penetrative sex with a partner, sex positions that allow for deeper penetration or closer contact, such as cowgirl and doggy style, seem to help with G-spot stimulation.

Stimulating S-Punk can bring tremendous pleasure. Just don’t hesitate to try it.