How to please a girl from an escort agency: top tips for guys

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How to please a girl from an escort agency? This perennial topic of discussion, a question that hasn’t lost its poignancy or relevance over the centuries, excites the minds of everyone from the youngest-to-be conquerors of women’s hearts to seasoned womanisers. In the past centuries countless strategies have been concocted, many theories developed, many pick-up techniques created. 

Many men on the first date with escort girls deal with questions: how to communicate with a girl to please her, how to win the heart of a chosen one, how to make a young lady take an interest in herself. All of the above questions are generated by male self-doubt, inability to present yourself, and ignorance of the intricacies of a girl’s mental organisation. Convinced that they know what kind of young men will please the opposite sex, many sons of Adam make a classic mistake, a mistake typical of all self-confident men. There are some tips that will help win the hearts of all escort girls.

Ground rules

In order for men to understand how to behave with a girl from an escort agency, there are a few basic rules:

  • Arrive on time.
  • Greet them as soon as you enter. Smile politely, let her lead you into the room where all the fun will take place. There, give her the compensation that you agreed over the phone.
  • Maintain an excellent level of hygiene. Shower before you go to her house.
  • Tell her exactly what you want to do. Listen to what she likes to do. If there is a disagreement, ask her politely if she would like to do this. If not, let it be. You will get a much better overall service if she does what she loves to do, not if you insist on something she doesn’t really like but eventually agrees to.
  • Enjoy your time together.
  • Get dressed, say goodbye and go. If she deserves it, give her a good review.
  • Confidence — this is one of the most important details of how to please a call girl. Confident men always evoke sympathy from the opposite sex and only make a good impression on them. When a confident guy walks into the room, all the female representatives in it understand who’s No. 1 here.

How to get a girl to like you on the first date

A debut date with a young lady from an escort agency that you like is quite an important event that can develop into years of happy family life or remain on the level of an unpleasant memory.

It is believed that the first meeting is more important for beautiful women than for the sons of Adam. However, this is not entirely correct. If a young man is very attractive to a girl from an escort agency, then the expected date will make him excited and nervous. After all, this is a kind of test of his ability to make the right impression and please the person he likes.

At the debut meeting, young escort charmers first evaluate the young man’s appearance, the style of his clothes, and cleanliness. Having rated the man’s overall appearance with a plus sign, the girl will be complacent about further interaction. So if you want to go on the first date with the young lady you like, you should devote more than the usual ten minutes to the public image.

Provided, of course, that the guy hopes for future encounters with the passion. The garment chosen should be clean and wrinkle-free, and the general appearance should be neat and fresh. In addition, you should not throw away the bottom element of clothing, and shoes, which should emphasise appearance, fit the style, age and chosen image, so it is better to leave your favourite sneakers for future meetings. In addition, it must be cleaned beforehand. Ridiculous colours and bright colours are best avoided. At the first rendezvous, you should not shock the chosen one.

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