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Age: 21 Bust Size: 75A, Natural Height: 160
Weight: 45kg
Age: 26 Bust Size: 85D, Natural Height: 175
Weight: 75kg
Age: 23 Bust Size: 75B Height: 170
Weight: 53kg
Age: 26 Bust Size: 95D, Silicone Height: 170
Weight: 59kg
Age: 27 Bust Size: 85D Height: 167
Weight: 52kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 80B Height: 160
Weight: 49kg
Age: 22 Bust Size: 75B, Natural Height: 165
Weight: 54kg
Age: 27 Bust Size: 75D Height: 170
Weight: 65 kg
Age: 28 Bust Size: 75D, Silicone Height: 167
Weight: 48kg
Age: 26 Bust Size: 75B, Natural Height: 170
Weight: 55kg
Age: 27 Bust Size: 75C Height: 174
Weight: 65 kg
Age: 27 Bust Size: 80 D Height: 173
Weight: 68kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75B Height: 163
Age: 27 Bust Size: 75B, Natural Height: 171
Weight: 53kg
Age: 23 Bust Size: 80C, Natural Height: 178
Weight: 71kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75B Height: 164
Weight: 61 kg
Age: 27 Bust Size: 75B, Natural Height: 170
Weight: 59kg
Age: 26 Bust Size: 75C, Silicone (like natural) Height: 168
Weight: 56kg
Age: 24 Bust Size: 94C, Silicone Height: 168
Weight: 54kg
Age: 29 Bust Size: 80D, Natural Height: 174
Weight: 65kg
Age: 27 Bust Size: 75C, Natural Height: 155
Weight: 60kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75 c Height: 180
Weight: kg58
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75B Height: 169
Weight: 51kg
Age: 24 Bust Size: 75B, Natural Height: 167
Weight: 63kg
Age: 28 Bust Size: 80B, Natural Height: 170
Weight: 60kg
Age: 23 Bust Size: 75D, Natural Height: 156
Weight: 53kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75A Height: 168
Weight: kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75C, Silicone Height: 165
Weight: 50kg
Age: 23 Bust Size: 85B, Natural Height: 173
Weight: 69kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 75B Height: 167
Weight: 48kg
Age: 26 Bust Size: 75C, silicone Height: 181
Weight: 57kg
Age: 32 Bust Size: 95C, Natural Height: 170
Weight: 68kg
Age: 25 Bust Size: 80C Height: 174
Weight: 70kg


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This elegant 4 star hotel is located on the banks of the River Meuse. The establishment has modern amenities. Wifi is available everywhere in the building. The city hotel also has a beauty center and a fitness area. You can also rent a bike from the hotel. The staff is competent and friendly.


Tel.: +31433509191

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Price: ab 115,-



There is something very special about this building. The property was a former monastery and now functions as a 5 star hotel in the center of Maastricht. The rooms are luxuriously furnished. The walls and partly the windows still express the flair of the monastery. It has its own gourmet restaurant as well as a wine bar and a large terrace in the Pandhof. Who can say that you stayed in a former monastery?


Tel.: +31433292020

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Price: ab 212,-



My personal favorite is this luxurious hotel right on the famous Liebfrauenplatz. With its own valet service, spacious rooms with modern equipment and its own Nespresso machine, it leaves nothing to be desired. You will find everything you need within a few minutes’ walk. Incidentally, it also has an extensive breakfast buffet and a delicious restaurant. The price / performance ratio is impressive.


Tel.: +31433216770

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Price: ab 160,-



This building captivates with its antique charm. A castle which now functions as a 4 star hotel. All rooms are individually furnished with antique charm mixed with modern style. You shouldn’t miss a dinner in the garden. It is about 3 kilometers from the city center. Perfect if you want it to be a bit quieter. Here you can enjoy nature and charm of this hotel.


Tel.: +31433116934

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Price: ab 125,-



This small 2-storey 4-star hotel is located in the heart of Maastricht. It has 19 rooms that are individually decorated. Among other things, it has a bike rental and an express check-out is possible here. Stylishly furnished in a top location and helpful staff, there is nothing wrong with this hotel.



Tel.: +31433900503

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Price: ab 130,-



A top class gourmet restaurant with international cuisine. Oriental, Asian has something for everyone. French cuisine is the specialty of the chef who adds individual accents to every dish. Inside, the restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere. It is centrally located, don’t be fooled from the outside. Among other things, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes are served.


Tel.: +31432041169

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Modern and show-like ambience. Awarded with 1 Michelin star. International cuisine and menus with handpicked wine accompaniment. The staff is
unobtrusive and courteous. Competent team. The dishes are very decorative and luxurious. In the center of Maastricht.


Tel.: +31433500405

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This exclusive gourmet restaurant is located outside of Maastrich on the border with Belgium. In a castle with beautiful baroque gardens you can enjoy culinary cuisine here. French dishes combined with local and international ingredients. For vegan or vegetarian dishes, you can use the garden. Awarded with 1 Michelin star. The ambience is reminiscent of a medieval room with barrock furniture. A beautiful location that we definitely recommend.


Tel.: +31433251359

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An inconspicuous bar in the heart of Maastricht. A bell with the inscription “Press for Drinks” leads you to a small but fine location with a cellar bar feeling. The cocktails are stylishly mixed and all for a reasonable price.


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A rather new cocktail bar offers itself here, with cozy sofas and a spacious location. It is more reminiscent of a lounge than a bar, which means nothing bad. The staff is very courteous and the cocktails taste great! The whole atmosphere is in the city center of Maastricht.


Tel.: +31618199742

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I would recommend this cocktail bar more than a café, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t sip a cocktail there. It is located in the Beez Hotel in
Maastricht city center, about 8 minutes’ walk from the main square Vrijthof. Rather recommended during the day with a coffee or sparkling wine that you can enjoy outside when the weather is nice.


Tel.: +31433213523

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