How to have multiple orgasms

Multiple orgasm (multiorgasm) is the ability to experience orgasm several times during one sexual act. Usually it is three to five. Multiple orgasms seem to be the ultimate goal of the sexual act: difficult to achieve, but all the more tempting. 

It is believed that male multiple orgasm is impossible because there is a refractory period after ejaculation. The nerve and muscle tissue recovers from stress and the erection temporarily disappears. To restart a man, he needs time: from a few hours to several days.

In women, arousal gradually subsides after orgasm. If the stimulation of the erogenous zones continues, the possibility of repeating the climax remains. Such a woman has been able to have many orgasms.

But what is the reality? Can men experience multiple orgasms? And is it desirable?

How to have multiple orgasms

Once, yes once, and many, many times: how to have many orgasms?

The path to orgasm involves increasing sexual arousal until a certain threshold is reached and the accumulated tension suddenly subsides. At this moment, the muscles contract repeatedly, ejaculation occurs and endorphins are released into the blood.

It is believed that with the right technique it is possible to experience a series of consecutive orgasms. Instead of relaxing, keep your arousal high. This game can theoretically continue indefinitely – in the form of one long orgasm or several clearly defined climaxes.

Is this true in practice? The reality is that multi-orgasm is only accessible to a small percentage of women and an even smaller percentage of men. However, this statement should not stop you from aiming for multiple orgasms. The best way to find out is to try it.

The Complete Guide to Multi-Orgasms

Orgasm is the peak of sexual pleasure. Once it happens, relaxation sets in, excitement subsides, and you want to curl up in bliss and satisfaction. If you don’t stop at this point and continue with stimulation, you could theoretically experience more orgasms. However, many factors must come together for you to experience a multiple orgasm.

Everyone comes differently. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to achieve multiple orgasms.

There are different types of people:

  • The peak type is able to experience a steady rise in arousal without remaining in one phase for long. An orgasm is a high point of excitement that rises and falls quickly. After orgasm, desire disappears almost immediately and the body needs rest. This type is unlikely to experience multiple orgasms. Most men are peak type.
  • The plateau type takes longer to become aroused. However, people of this type remain in the plateau phase, just before orgasm, for longer. After orgasm, arousal does not drop abruptly and sexual desire remains. Some people can consciously control their arousal and return to a plateau phase after their first orgasm. Women have this ability. Therefore, girls get orgasm many times.

Therefore, the female orgasm is easier to repeat. Men usually need to recover from ejaculation and may not be able to proceed with sex immediately. But there are ways around this.

How to get multiple orgasms

For girls

You should find out the best way to orgasm. Use toys with your partner or hand and experiment with how long you can climax without cumming. Breathe deeply and evenly until you climax, then allow yourself to orgasm.

For men

The physiology of men is such that after ejaculation, the excitement disappears and the body wants to rest. The solution is not to finish.

With training and a lot of discipline, you can suppress the reflex and experience a “dry” orgasm, similar to a prostate massage.

To do this, you must learn to control the pubococcygeus muscle. To do this, regularly tighten the area between the buttocks and the penis in your daily routine. You must train the muscles that you use when urinating.

There is no 100% guarantee that you will have a multi-orgasm, but you will definitely have a good time!

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