Is sex the same as sport?

No matter how long you have sex, this exercise cannot replace running on a treadmill. Nonetheless, certain muscle areas are actively functioning in a variety of postures during sexual activity with women. In fact, some of the poses during sex are so powerful that you can’t even repeat them at the gym the next day. Sex with prostitutes is very beneficial and can improve their mood. They can make sex seem like a legitimate sport because they are true masters of their craft.

Can sex be substituted for sport?

Some people think sex is sport. The results of a study showed that sex burns 3.6 calories per minute more than vigorous jogging and can affect our organism. Sexual activity is therefore rarely to be thought of as a substitute for sport.

In another study, researchers compared the energy expenditure associated with sex to 30 minutes of brisk treadmill exercise. It turns out that sexual physical activity uses around two-thirds less energy than a half-hour walk on the treadmill. According to survey participants, sexual activity is more enjoyable than running on a treadmill.

Sex can add variety to human physical activity, but it cannot replace sport. Although common, closeness cannot be viewed from the perspective of regular physical activity. In contrast to sporting exertion, even prolonged closeness cannot cause any significant changes in our body.

Can sex be classified as training?

This is more of a gentle warm-up and lots of fun than a workout. Everything in this situation depends on the length of sex, the level of intensity and the involvement of acrobatic feats. According to studies on young people, an average of 3-4 kcal per minute is consumed in a romantic relationship. The level of exertion was rated as normal and comparable to walking. Men use more energy than women, so you need to be more active if you want to lose weight faster. That means you burn about 50 calories for 10 to 15 minutes of sexual activity. Of course, if you compare sexual activity to 30-minute treadmill training, the latter is three times more efficient for the body.

The ideal sex poses

As a sport activity, there are numerous poses that will give you more energy:

  • The missionary pose is a great pose for men. Although “Guy on Top” is one of the most passive positions for a woman, it can still be a very effective exercise. The top class prostitutes on the site will like this attitude.
  • You can train more muscle groups by adjusting the cowgirl pose. A lady can get up and do an activity like squats to further intensify the workout.
  • One of the most challenging positions is standing, as the lady must allow her partner to pull her up. When a man and woman face each other, the abdominal and leg muscles are used to maintain balance. For example, when the woman is standing on one leg, the leg muscles help keep her upright. Prostitutes are always of the highest class and are willing to engage in sexual activity in that attitude.

The benefits of important sexual activity can be compared to those of regular exercise. The scientific community is explicitly talking about it. Your immunity, stress tolerance, and mental and physical health will all be within normal ranges if you have sex at least once a week.

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