Long sex means no quality

There is no set time for how long sex should last. It can vary greatly, depending on preference and other factors, such as what a person considers sex to be. For example, sex with a prostitute can last about an hour. This is because the man has no feelings other than physical intimacy and wants to dominate. In a relationship it’s different.

People define sex differently. One person might only consider it to entail penetrative intercourse, while another might consider sex to start with the beginning of foreplay and last beyond each partner’s orgasm. Many men and women think it’s normal to have faster or longer sex. These terms are relative and it all depends on the needs of the individual. For some people, 10 minutes is enough, while others want to enjoy for an hour. In the following article we will try to understand if long sex is good or bad. And how long the average intercourse should really last.

Studies on the duration of sexual intercourse

Very few studies have been published on how long sex typically lasts. The studies that exist have significant limitations — for example, most of them have only considered sex as intercourse with vaginal intercourse, or only included heterosexual couples.

In Reliable Source’s 2005 multinational study of heterosexual couples, which defined sex as intercourse and vaginal intercourse, participants were asked to measure the time from penetration to male ejaculation.

The team found that with very limited parameters, the reports lasted between 33 seconds and 44 minutes, with the average duration being 5.4 minutes.

The therapists replied that sex:

  • If the duration is less than 3 minutes, clinical concern is warranted;
  • a duration of 3-7 minutes is “reasonable”;
  • a duration of 7-13 minutes is “desirable”;
  • A duration of 10-30 minutes is “too long”.

However, this is the result of clinical studies on a small number of people. Therefore, it is impossible to say 100 percent that these data are reliable and characteristic for all people. For example, the younger the couple, the longer the sex lasts. This is due to physical endurance, hormonal changes and the desire to get to know your own body. Not everyone can bring themselves or their partner to orgasm. This applies more to women. It takes them much longer to recognize their erogenous zones. Also, couples can have sex two and three times in a row from a young age. What is the quality of sex with a partner, can it be short or long? The quality of sex does not depend on its duration. The quality is determined by the achievement of orgasm by both partners. This factor is not affected by duration.

Quality of sex — achieving orgasm for both partners

However, where science fails when it comes to the average length of sex, personal experience and connection succeeds.

Understanding what you and your partner desire and working together to achieve that satisfaction is far more important than racing the imaginary clock. Everyone’s enjoyment should come first in the bedroom, and remember that preferences for shorter or longer sessions are as varied as the participants.

It is very important for women not to be afraid to share their preferences and erogenous zones with their partner. Otherwise, prolonged sex will bring unpleasant feelings. Since you will not be able to reach orgasm, and pleasant sensations will be minimal. Sex is not just a sexual act. It is the work of two partners, where joint action is aimed at achieving maximum pleasure for two. Even if the sex was too fast, what’s stopping you from continuing it again? The number one rule for maximizing pleasure in sex is to talk to your partner. Then both partners will enjoy the sex and its duration.

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