10 sexual fantasies of women

A woman’s sexual fantasies don’t just go beyond a single visit to a sex shop and role-playing. Women have just as many sexual fantasies as men. This is quite natural as it allows the fairer sex to experience extremely intense pleasure. In theory, many images of sex fantasies, male and female, are quite similar. These images differ only in their subtleties. So, what sexual fantasies do women have?

The best female fantasies

Many men wonder, What sexual fantasies do women have? Women dream of many things during sex, but here are the top 10 most common sexual fantasies women have.


Some women relish when their options are limited as it shows that they are totally dependent on a man. Even playing “Stockholm Syndrome” without love, where a prisoner falls in love with a villain, is something someone would want to do.


It is easy to understand why this illusion is so prevalent in a world where women cannot hold dominant positions. Women have a desire to be energetic, confident, and powerful in sexual activity. Age is an equally important factor. Many want to have sex with younger men.

Blindfolded sex

When they want to give themselves completely to the sensations and have an orgasm on a new level by focusing only on the touch, women dream of having sex blindfolded. With her eyes closed, a woman wants to completely rely on a man and his ability.


Many girls fantasize about a threesome. The thought of taking another woman or man to bed indicates that the woman feels close and secure in the connection. On the https://diamondescort-frankfurt.de/en/category/all/threesome/< /u> you can choose a girl from an escort agency who would be happy to arrange a threesome with you.

Role playing

Roleplay fantasies it one of woman’s sexiest fantasies. These scenarios can be dreamed up to help break through this barrier. Role-playing games are ideal for this, especially if a woman wants to change something.

Dirty talk

Almost 81% of women said they would like their partner to use swear words more often during sex. The strongest sexual organ is the brain. And a clever technique to pique his interest is to use bad language.

Lesbian sex

Lesbians have the advantage of understanding how a woman’s body works. They know better how to enjoy oral sex, but many men don’t even know how the vagina works. Lesbians have mastered the technique of cunnilingus and non-traditional forms of sex. The beauties from the site https://diamondescort-frankfurt.de/en/category/all/bigames-en/</a > who love to fool around with girls will surprise you.

Sex in a public place

Sometimes stories of sex overheard in the toilet or in the back seat of a taxi stimulate the female fantasy, the urge to push one’s sexual boundaries and live on the edge, to get caught.

Using sexual devices

Of the women, when asked about women’s sexual fantasies, they said they would be happy if their partner introduced sex toys of their own choosing. Sex toys are something that really gets on women’s nerves.


Both blowjobs and cunnilingus are discussed in this fantasy. It’s fascinating that women’s fantasies mirror men’s, but it’s unclear why it’ll all remain dreams as neither side objects.

Next time, try to make any of these sexual fantasies come true along with the beauty of their catalog on the site. You will definitely treasure the variety of intimate life.

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