Squirts: Facts & Myths

Squirt (or female ejaculation) is considered the pinnacle of sexual pleasure, so no doubt you’d be lucky if you ever had the chance to experience it. Is that true? And is it worth making an effort just to get a splash? There are no other options here. A female feeling is a reflex contraction of the vagina. But there are many different techniques to arouse a woman and start an orgasm. You have to know how to squirt. Which ones are effective for a particular woman depends on the characteristics of her nervous system, placement of sensitive receptors, anatomy, and past experiences.

What is squirt

Many men want to know what female squirt is. All liquids expelled during intercourse are called squirts. However, this is not entirely correct. Squirting is the release of clear or clear white fluid from the female urethra, not urine. Female ejaculation in a short period of time is another factor. This is a discharge that appears as a thick, milky-white material that closely resembles semen. By the way, they both contain fructose and glucose. These liquids have several compositional properties.

Where is the fact and where is the myth?

To dispel certain common misconceptions, consider the following facts:

  • Myth: When you orgasmed, they cummed. Ejaculation is commonly associated with orgasm, but not all vaginas experience it. Some call ladies might squirt, some might not. Before you invite the escort girl to a nice evening together , it would be great to raise this topic with her.
  • Splashing can only occur when the G-spot is activated. Squirting can’t just be caused by vaginal stimulation. This myth can be related to the misconception that the penis is the source of the most intense female satisfaction.
  • Typically, the woman herself and not her partner is responsible for the jet orgasm. Because if a woman can’t turn off her mind and regulate her pelvic floor muscles, no wonderful lover will be able to help her.
  • Every woman has the ability to squirt. The most important thing is to relax and take the right steps to activate the bladder and clitoris from the inside.

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What are the best positions for spraying?

Squirting depends on the location of the G-spot. This is one of the best ways to make women ejaculate. Do you want to know how to make a girl squirt? There are certain postures during intercourse that best stimulate this precious point:

  • Doggy style. One of the most typical poses is this. The partner should take the lady by the waist and sit behind her as she gets on all fours.
  • In addition, it is a fantastic pose to take place and activate the G-spot. The lady has to sit on him with her back to her lover.
  • Spoon. In addition to ejaculation, this position gives you close contact with a partner. In a side lying position, partners should touch each other’s bodies.

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