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Escort service was, is and always will be. As soon as men invented wealth and money, the young sexual goddesses figured out how to get it and how to spend it. It is easy to follow historical examples – in the life of every great person sooner or later a beautiful companion appeared who did not influence anything, decide nothing, but served as a guiding star, muse and inspiration. At their feet lay military victories, scientific discoveries. It is paradoxical, but the fancier these individuals were, the more majestic were the men’s creations and the more generous were their gifts to beautiful ladies. Young and mature, chaste and cultivated, cold and vivacious – they were all the ancestors of today’s escort models in Germany.

Why choose our agency?

  • Luxury collection for whores. Media personalities, stars and beauty pageant finalists.
  • Total anonymity. Complete anonymity for both the client and the girl.
  • High level of service. Individual service. Personal advisor around the clock.
  • Open girls catalogue.

So, the prototypes of the modern FrankfurterEscortPrivatemodels – the ancient Greek getters were so loved by men and played such a significant role in the life of society that their images were immortalized in Carrara marble and their names and talents extolled in the works of ancient literature. Traditions of pleasing men through ancient Indian ganikas and Japanese geishas also date back to ancient times.

EliteEscort: Features

In escort you can meet a separate category of girls, usually called “real” young ladies. Any of these young women can easily become a beauty queen, a book author, or a graduate student. We are talking about an elite escort.

This service is supplemented by the promising “VIP” sign. Premium service is offered by deeply educated women who are characterized by stunning beauty and good breeding, among other things. Only big businessmen and oligarchs can treat themselves to the services of an elite escort model.

Peculiarities of girls offering VIP escorts:

  • have multiple colleges;
  • knowledge of one or more foreign languages;
  • understand the psychology of communication and know how to avoid conflict;
  • trained in etiquette;
  • Understand art, sometimes they know how to play musical instruments or write poetry;
  • have a positive reputation in society;
  • have an extremely attractive appearance;
  • Wear clothes bought from expensive boutiques.

Why take an escort girl when there are cheaper options?

A prostitute is considered to be the representative of the oldest profession. This profession has existed for more than a thousand years and brought in a lot of money for the organizers of caves and brothels. Today, another direction is actively developing on the market – escort. Services to accompany wealthy clients to various events do not come cheap.

Escort models are not only beautiful female representatives, but also smart, well-read young ladies with manners. Such ladies can easily be carried out into the world, introduced to acquaintances and friends, taken to business meetings. Find many elegant and beautiful girls who will speak directly about their desires and will be happy to accompany you to a gala event or an important meeting.

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