What do you need to do to keep customers coming back to you?

Many attractive women aspire to play expensive escorts to travel the world, experience a profound change in their lives and enter the world of wealth and elites. Working really broadens your horizons and increases your sense of self-confidence, independence and freedom.

When she started her journey, every escort was a newbie in the profession. Getting used to the job is a challenge without outside help. Fortunately, experienced colleagues are willing to pass on the intricacies and business secrets of an escort. These companion tips will help new escorts quickly familiarize themselves with the basics of escort services.

What do you have to do to keep customers return to you?

Elite Escort

Escort is a service for dating financially stable men. It requires no personal ties and is therefore never considered prostitution. The duration of their provision varies depending on the type and purpose. In this area, VIP escorts are particularly distinguished, as they represent particular “attractions” for men due to their beauty and intelligence. What makes her different from normal women? The answer is clear: nothing. These are just dolls hired by a reputable agency under the supervision of a capable manager. However, not everyone can become a highly paid model.

How do you become the best escort?

The increasing rivalry in this area forces new employees to think about strategies to keep their “spot in the sun” and know how to satisfy a customer. It’s easy to attract the attention of wealthy men; Maintaining their interest over time is far more difficult. Girls have to charm every customer using every tactic women know:

  • Be careful how you look. Visit a beautician, dentist, nail salon or hairdresser regularly.
  • Maintain your physical fitness. Eat a balanced diet, exercise every day and go on a diet from time to time.
  • Try to reject unhealthy behavior. Millionaires are put off by the smell of a drinking and smoking partner.
  • Develop your creative skills. To grin sincerely even in the face of gloom and sadness. Laugh heartily, even if you don’t understand the humor.
  • Know when to stop talking. Never pass on private information to third parties and refrain from pointless investigations.

Attractiveness, intelligence, sophistication and an appropriate work ethic are the key factors for the success of an expensive escort girl. In order to impress wealthy businessmen with their sophisticated manners and engage in conversations, models who want to be real geishas show interest in literature, culture, music, politics and even economics.

What do you have to do to keep customers return to you?

How to attract a man

So, how to please a man? According to the study, to be successful in the leisure industry and get the best offers from men, an aspiring escort must master several tricks. If you want to do it, you must first take care of your appearance and maintain your interest. Models who care about their personal development and who lead an active, exciting life are in high demand at agencies.

It is not unnecessary to improve your manners and diction and learn how to talk to business people, arouse their interest and start a conversation. Stupid women who only look good have no place with VIP escorts. A young woman should be able to converse on any topic, speak English well, understand the basics of economics and politics, and be knowledgeable about psychology. It will lead to her getting more money, gifts and attention.

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