Secrets of an ideal lover

Every woman imagines the perfect man: reliable, kind and caring. Unfortunately, very few members of the fair sex think that their ideal partner can be a decent husband and a perfect lover at the same time. The majority of women think that a person who is flawless in bed cannot be a reliable life partner. Anyway, having an affair with such a man creates fond memories and offers amazing experiences. Many prostitutes dream of the ideal partner. For them, every customer could be like that.

Qualities of a lover

How to be the perfect lover? Civey conducted a poll for the social network Bumble. Researchers spoke to 2,500 adult Germans in 2020 and discovered the characteristics of the ideal lover:

  • The majority of respondents to the study agreed that a sexual partner should be able to talk about their needs and desires and be honest. In the study, 66% of participating men said they would like to see women speak freely about sex, and 58% think they should discuss their sexual preferences.
  • Humor and the ability to laugh at yourself are definitely key qualities. The ideal partner should be able to accept with ease and a grin the many scenarios and events that occur during sexual activity. 61 percent of respondents said so.
  • It is important to keep equality in mind. 40% of women who responded to the study said they would prefer a spouse who promotes gender equality in relationships.

So the perfect relationship for every prostitute is not one that exudes beauty and is willing to indulge in the most despicable desires . But the one who is simply strong in communication, can make fun of himself and appreciates his partner and has good attitude.

Notions of lover and narcissism are mutually exclusive

A man should refrain from showing off when dating women, parenting ex-girlfriends, avoiding narcissism and self-promotion. No one wants to hear about a loved one’s past accomplishments, and a true master of love doesn’t need publicity. It is better to demonstrate your skills in practice than to endlessly talk to the young woman.

A perfect lover for woman is neither an egoist nor a manipulator since the latter doesn’t mess with the girl’s emotions or make her worry or be jealous. It makes a lady feel special and desirable, like a goddess. No matter what she is, he sees the attractiveness and elegance of a girl.

Kisses and sexual contacts

An excellent lover never forgets skillful foreplay. Even more important than the personal act itself is foreplay for girls. Therefore, you need to perfect all human kissing methods and learn how to make a lady feel physically in order to be amazing in bed. Instead of forcing your experiments on a lady, rush to fulfill her demands. A good lover himself observes what kind of caresses a woman prefers and avoids.

The goal of an ideal companion is to make the prostitute as comfortable as possible while she is in bed. He is adept at predicting her desires and exploring sexual preferences. There is no need to ask about it directly because girls are made to be uncomfortable talking about such things out loud.

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