Why is a love relationship in threes completely normal?

Threesome sex with a prostitute is not the most difficult thing for sex researchers, but the question is mostly based on organizational moments. Two people sometimes find themselves at a dead end wondering what to do to mutual satisfaction, and “discounts” sometimes increase the number of different options and the difficulties involved.

A threesome interests those people who are bored with the monotonous sex life, for example, in a family. Couples are increasingly interested in ways that can take their sex life to a whole new level and deliver previously unheard of sensations. One of the coolest ways to have a threesome is by hiring an amazing prostitute. Why do couples do this? Some are generally positive about this type of entertainment, sometimes wives are afraid that their wife will get a mistress, so they decide on such lavish acts. At the same time, the pleasure of sex and impressions will, of course, be disproportionately greater, since prostitutes have extensive experience and excellent technique for fulfilling the most cherished desires in sex.

What you need to know about threesomes

Types of threesome sex differ among themselves in the gender of the participants: male-female-male, female-male-female. For those who simply relate to sex, who don’t just associate sex with relationships, who love sex and want to experiment, threesome is for you.

As with man-woman-man and woman-man-woman, someone should lead the involvement, and everyone feels more comfortable when it’s a man. Now the man has to select the remaining participants from the variety of beautiful women https://diamondescort-frankfurt.de/en/category/all/threesome/. For the first time, unknown people are better suited so that if things don’t go as fabulously as the guy had imagined, he won’t have to keep reminding himself about it forever.

Characteristics of a threesome, what do you need to know?

About 40% of partners secretly dream of having a threesome, but not everyone is willing to admit it. These are new sensations and an unexpected relationship format that will add zest to a boring intimate life. It all starts with an erotic experiment in bed and ends with hot jumps and a glowing orgasm.

In order to enjoy an intimate relationship and get pleasure, both sexual partners should want “group sex” and clearly imagine what awaits them all. Some couples regularly practice group sex, others try such intimate leisure differently – as an experiment. The latter does not hurt to study the following rules:

  • There should be no violence, intimacy is only possible at the request of all partners.
  • The man and young woman determine in advance who will be the third – a man or a woman.
  • There must be mutual sympathy between the partners.
  • If at least one wants, erotic games end immediately.
  • Indicate in advance all permissible poses, caresses, foreplay, perversions.

If you order a prostitute for a threesome, then half the trouble will go away immediately. She doesn’t need to be persuaded, plus it’s such a priestess of love that becomes a leader.

Advantages of hiring a prostitute for a threesome

In order not to spoil the relationship in bed and not to cause jealousy of the partner, it is better to use the service of a prostitute. In the presence of a working woman, it is easier to make love, and she takes into account the desires of the partner.

The situation is not standard, but the prostitutes are unlikely to be surprised by the spouses’ fantasies for group sex and will definitely agree to participate in such a sexual action. Not for nothing, of course, but with a wink and her own professionalism. So, in this case, all participants in group sex will enjoy it. You need to learn how partners like it the most.

Wide selection of beauties

You know how to choose it so as not to be disappointed. If you have decided on a whore, you will find her many phone number in the questionnaire. Please note that all rooms are available without reservation and without prepayment.

It doesn’t matter what type of German threesome you would like to have, please note that they offer multiple services for an additional fee. Also, girls often dance striptease and massage for an additional fee. Discuss all points with the girl beforehand to avoid incidents.

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