Master the Art of Naughty Words: Dirty Talk Examples

Words have a huge impact on sex and daily life. When used correctly and at the right moment, the primary word can greatly increase and arouse sexual desire. A word for sexual chats between people who are intended to stimulate each other sexually is dirty talk. Examples of dirty talk in bed include describing sexual acts, using swear words, and calling each other names with animals. While some of these phrases might seem disrespectful and inappropriate, they have the power to arouse and increase sexual desire when used correctly and with someone you like. You want to say something interesting to an escort lady whenever you spend time with her. Let’s see which dirty talk examples are the most popular.

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The “dirtiest” expressions for excitement

Experience dirty talk is good for teasing a partner in a way you’ve never seen before can be a fun and effective way to spice up a relationship. It takes hands, eyes and skin to have sex (and love too). You can even whisper dirty talk in your partner’s ear, but always with the intention of sexually arousing both of you. So what can you say to a German elite escort girl when you’re having a good time? These are the most popular dirty talk examples during sex:

  • Tell me what you dream about and what obscene ideas come to your mind when you masturbate.
  • Your body is so flexible.
  • What do you want to do to me?
  • I love the way you look at me when you’re excited.
  • Do what you want with me.
  • I see that you are satisfied.
  • Ready to spend the whole day between your legs.
  • I want to taste you.
  • Don’t stop.
  • Aren’t you ashamed to shout loudly.
  • Don’t you hold back.
  • I want to intensify your orgasm.
  • You have an incredible aroma/taste.
  • I like it when you’re on top.
  • I’ve been thinking about this all day.
  • I want to reach the climax at the same time.

You risk humiliating yourself and your spouse if you immediately start using strange and aggressive language. Try to use a natural-sounding native language. It is preferable to start the sentence with “I want” or “I like it when you…”. For example, “I want you to kiss my neck.” You can move on to something personal when you’re confident and comfortable saying it out loud.

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Some tips

The first and most important advice from a sex coach is to start doing the new things that will make your escort attractive to you. Discuss your strengths and what brings you joy, making sure to highlight that particular action or habit. It makes you feel appreciated when someone compliments your outfit. The second piece of advice is to provide an explanation of your goals or plans for them. The best thing to do here is to be clear about what, how and where you want to do it.

Sexting is a form of dirty talk. They are online versions of the same chats. Use your skills and speak your words if you have done or are practicing sexting.

Ultimately, not everyone finds some of the well-known obscenities amusing, while others are downright unpleasant. Therefore, it is best to first find out about your partner’s attitude before giving him a name that would be considered offensive in everyday speech. It’s perfectly fine to use these terms as a means of expressing your sexuality if you feel comfortable doing so and now fully identify them with sex, desire, or passion. Your mutual agreement is the most important thing.

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