Delicious, and most importantly, good alcohol will help you relax. How to make the right choice: dry red or stronger?

Wine and snacks are the perfect formula for a romantic date with a girl, time-tested, immortalized in the pages of books and in classic Hollywood movies. But which drink should be preferred so that there is a long-lasting, pleasant aftertaste after a date? There are a few basic tips that will help you conquer young women with the most delicious wine.

What wines are better to choose for the first meeting

Before you meet an escort girl who can escort you for the first time, it is important to take care of the atmosphere of the date. The key to a great night is great drinks. It is worth paying attention to such wines:

  • It seems like an ideal option to relax quickly. But here it is important not to go too far with fun: fizzy, as you know, “hits the head” much faster than ordinary wine. It is better to choose proven low and medium strength options: Prosecco, Franciacorta, Cava, Lambrusco, Asti.
  • White wines. Light and cool, they intoxicate gently and imperceptibly, they go well with a lively conversation and light snacks at a picnic. Ideal option, right? But keep in mind that there are many white wines that will taste at least strange, if not disgusting, to a girl inexperienced with grape drinks. These are Soave, Retsina, Gewürztraminer.
  • Red wines are usually quite heavy for casual conversation and are paired with a hearty dinner. But why not have dinner during your date? It is worth paying attention to the fact that the taste of the wine is quite simple, you are not at the tasting, even if nothing distracts you from a nice conversation, and the enjoyment of the wine comes by itself, without looking for halftone aftertaste .

Strong wine is also not a good idea. With these tips, you’re best looking out for Chianti, Merlot, Montepulciano, Sangiovese, and Beaujolais.

What a girl likes

Refined ladies will not refuse a glass of exquisite drink by preference, which is among the top 5 favorites of the female half of humanity. Wine on a date is therefore a tradition without which a romantic evening simply cannot take place.

You can arrange your own dinner. Or you invite a girl to a gourmet dinner in a hotel or apartment, which will definitely create a great mood for a pleasant pastime with a beauty from an escort.

How to behave on a first date with a prostitute

As they say, it is enough to decide on your desires and pay for them, the rest will be done by the prostitute herself. But everything is not so simple yet — there are some recommendations. Every man is individual, he sticks to his own rules and subtleties when going to prostitutes from</a > goes.

It is useful to learn how to make everything beautiful. If you like the chosen prostitute, then the night will be truly unforgettable. You should not go drunk to the chosen girl — no woman likes that. If you still can’t spend the evening without alcohol, that’s no problem – take a bottle of wine or champagne with you. However, this should be negotiated with the chosen girl in advance.

At the meeting you will not be tense, because you will understand in advance what awaits you. Such a preliminary acquaintance by phone will make the girl herself much more relaxed and friendly. It will already feel like you’ve met an old friend who already knows your sexual preferences. Love and cherish women — they will definitely appreciate it and thank you on the night of passion and pleasure.

Own living space is an important rule for a comfortable date

It is unlikely that an ordinary girl will agree to spend the first night with a newly chosen one on the street, it is important that she feels comfortable and safe — so you need to choose a comfortable, beautiful place. But many men struggle with the problem of not having their own living space. An effective solution to the problem is appeal to prostitutes.

There is a large selection of escort models today — everyone can choose the right option, taking personal preferences into account. Such girls are ready to spend the night on the street or in a rented apartment. Often, agency prostitutes can offer a more pleasant solution to the housing problem — they offer to come to your home. For such girls it turns out to be much calmer and safer to accept a man close to them.

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