How to prolong the pleasure

Every man has experienced circumstances where he achieves ejaculation earlier than he wants to. Therefore, one wants to know how to prolong sexual intercourse for a man. Often there is no medical problem. Because “premature ejaculation” is diagnosed when the friction lasts between one and three minutes. But many want more. The agency’s experienced prostitutes can help a man get on the body while prolonging the sexual act for a long time in order to achieve maximum satisfaction prematurely and understand how to prolong pleasure.

What affects the duration of intercourse

There are a number of factors that can affect the length of an encounter and how to prolong a man’s pleasure, but the main ones are:

  • According to sexologists, men between the ages of 22 and 23 have the fastest potential to reach the peak of pleasure. Since puberty is not yet fully developed, it is significantly reduced before this age, and from the age of 26-30 it begins to gradually decline due to a steady drop in libido.
  • The rhythm of sex life also has an effect. The greater the interval between sex durations, the quicker the guy gets aroused and the shorter the sex session. However, once the act becomes routine, more frequent sex has the opposite impact on one’s ability to initiate and complete intercourse.

According to statistics, sexual encounters last an average of 5-10 minutes, but urologists usually reduce this time to 2-6 minutes. Each couple’s time frame is completely unique.

Ways to prolong intercourse

There are several strategies and methods how to prolong sexual intercourse:

  • Many men find it difficult to deal with the increased desire and erection on the first date, so the first time is short. For the first time, the prostitutes of the agency are allowed to have oral sex with each other’s customers and have an orgasm.
  • condom. Often the use of condoms slightly reduces the sensitivity of the glans. Long-acting condoms are also available on the market. In contrast, using lube increases pleasure and accelerates a man’s climax.
  • Posing Choice. Any position in which he controls the course of events will do. The girls of the escort agency prefer the pose “Cowgirl” and “Doggystyle” standing and butt with legs on shoulders.
  • Even if the customer is very eager, prostitutes could still ask that they spend more time touching them before entering.
  • He may be invited to perform tantric or Taoist procedures on a woman. Partners learn to regulate their breathing, take care of their bodies during sex, and prolong the fun in the classes.

In postures that give her more freedom of movement, prostitutes also control their breaks. Women should stop moving as soon as they sense a man is about to orgasm. This can be repeated several times. Experienced partners themselves learn to pause for a short time to reduce arousal and understand how to prolong a woman’s pleasure.


An essential factor in intimate life is sex. Everything else will be fine if the man enjoys his sexual encounters. Since sexual encounters are the pinnacle of love, both couples strive to please each other. From a biological point of view, male and female organisms are structured differently. If a man can turn on right away, it takes a prostitute a lot more time. This makes the male orgasm happen faster. So, a man needs to be patient and persistent in order for his partner to be satisfied with his sexual relationship.

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