Laufhaus and nightlife: characteristics of the centre of debauchery in Germany

Laufhaus and nightlife: characteristics of the centre of debauchery in Germany

Laufhaus is a building with apartments that girls can rent and use as a base. Laufhauses are very popular types of brothels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The girls who work in brothels are allowed to stay and sleep there even when they are not working. This is a very popular way of getting to know beautiful escort ladies. Any man can enjoy such charms and all facets of pleasure to the fullest while spending time with the girls of an escort agency.

Unlike other types of brothels, whorehouses do not require an entrance fee. Clients should only pay girls for the services they provide. Girls working in brothels have to pay rent to the landlord or building owner.

Features of such fun places

Ladies are allowed to stay in the rooms even if they are not working. After the rent is paid, most of the money the girls make stays with them, and there is no third party to share in the profits. In addition to renting rooms, the owner of Laufhaus updates the page with the girls who work there, informing customers about the girls and their availability.

There are many Eros centres in Germany, all of which differ in the facilities offered:

  • Some of them, like the extravagant Easter in Cologne, include a nightclub, a bar, a shop and a special trans floor.
  • Girls (and transgenders) are usually outside of their rooms when they are free, so potential clients can walk around and choose a lady at their leisure.
  • Unlike brothels, prostitutes do not pay the house a percentage of their earnings and negotiate all of their fees.

Popularity of the Eros centres

German authorities were interested in expanding Eros centres to avoid the growth of red-light districts in their cities. As a result, most German cities have an Eros centre; However, in some regions it may refer to a street rather than a single building, but the principle remains the same. While most larger cities also have many alternatives to the Eros centre (brothels, escorts, massage parlours, etc.), most cities in Germany have an Eros centre.

Popular places

The most popular centres in Germany include:

  • Freudenhaus Hase is a brothel in Gesundbrunnen (a Berlin district) and also a place for cultural events. On January 3, 2005, the institution in Berlin received the title of a brothel and the so-called Laufhaustage began, where from 1996 to the present the institution occasionally functioned as a meeting place for artists, e.g. B. Concerts, exhibitions and theatre performances.
  • Drei-Farben-Haus is the oldest and largest Laufhaus in Stuttgart (since 1957). The building consists of 3 connected buildings with rooms in the basement and five floors with 24 rooms in each house.

Benefits of Laufhauses

The main advantages of Laufhaus:

  • The girls are mostly independent and, in theory, work for themselves (in practice, many of them give all the money to a pimp in the same place).
  • There is no entry fee, you can just walk the hallways of the house and see which girl you like the most.
  • You can easily talk to the girls and maybe even agree on services and prices, although there won’t be too many girls giving discounts.
  • All girls are very beautiful and attractive.

The Laufhaus is a completely different animal than the other forms of brothels that are mainly found in Austria and Vienna. Laufhaus is best described as a sex hotel of sorts, where the girls pay for the room and the guests pay for the sex, do their thing and leave. There are usually no guest rooms, no drinks other than coffee and soda machines, and no reason to stay any longer than actually having sex. You can find beautiful places for pleasure — in Germany there are many opportunities for fun with call girls.

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