Calm down, everything is under control start safe anal sex

In life there comes a moment when a man wants to have new sensations. According to statistics, more than half of men appreciate anal sex with escort lady – the growing popularity of themed porn films only confirms this fact. But many girls are scared or just don’t want to have such an experience. It’s always hard to start anywhere. Many do not know how to do it right, but it’s easy.

In order for the first anal experience not to be the last with complete certainty, it is important to know how to prepare for anal sex and receive pleasure. In order to do it, it is necessary to emphasize the main theses of escort girls’ reluctance to substitute an inexperienced ass instead of a proven vagina. There are some anal sex tips that can help you.

How can a guy set up a girl for anal sex

There is another side of the coin – a male approach to psychologically preparing a prostitute for anal sex. If the guy’s offer of unusual intimacy met with a harsh rebuff, he should try to indulge his passion in bed as much as possible. All preparations before penetrating the ass of a prostitute with pleasure should set her in the most positive way. A man should give the impression of a very experienced lover, where the idea that anal sex is painful didn’t even occur to him.

How do you mentally prepare for anal sex?

It’s very powerful to get ready. Many of the fair sex have a psychological barrier associated with various fears. Many fear that the male organ will be contaminated. In fact, during contact, the member is in the internal sphincter, which holds but does not contain feces. Proper preparation for anal sex includes hygiene procedures, so you don’t have to worry about contamination.

Let your escort lady get ready. Some women are stopped by the fear of pain and various injuries. In fact, complaints arise when you do not follow the correct basic rules of preparation and contact yourself.

Basic rules

When preparing the prostitute for anal sex, we certainly need to stimulate the clitoris so that penetration of the anus is associated with pleasure. In addition, do not forget such moments:

  • Anal sex after a clitoral or vaginal orgasm will be less painful – the satisfaction will help relax the muscles.
  • In order to prepare for sex, it is not necessary to do an enema every time.
  • The foreplay with cork should the women from escort agency arouse as much as possible.

If a prostitute wants to drink wine for pleasure, to relax, let her do it.

Physical preparation

Don’t be afraid to start – this is how you experience the best. This is how the body prepares for anal sex:

  • The last meal before sex should last at least a few hours, preferably more (e.g. 5 hours).
  • Cleaning of the anus, genitals.

Many people are interested in how to have anal sex. Many use small enemas or just douches. Water is poured into the anus, then the muscles relax and the liquid is poured out along with the feces.

What you should consider when having sex with a prostitute

Anal sex with a prostitute is not possible without paraphernalia:

  • tight, thick condoms;
  • high quality lubricant;
  • special sex toys.

All of this can and should be bought in a sex shop. A member must be in a condom – anal penetration allows you to easily pick up bacteria and infections. Another piece of advice – instead of sex toys, you can gently develop the anus with your fingers and tongue.

Conversation with a prostitute

Prostitutes for anal sex are always available. Entertainment is as popular as a classic blowjob or traditional intercourse. Sometimes anal sex is the only desirable option for debauchery, but more often it’s just a complement. Anal goes with any classic, fits perfectly into the format of male orgies, and the pleasure of double penetration is even difficult to overestimate.They use anal sex with prostitutes and as a means of additional submission — during BDSM games. The choice is huge!

Only the customer decides in which scenario a stormy night or an hour of entertainment passes. Girls, on the other hand, promise passion, tenderness, accessibility and the realization of all male fantasies.

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