First experiences or how to overcome the embarrassment of calling an escort model for the first time?

Men who have not yet turned to the services of experienced love priestesses may be wondering: how to properly conduct the first meeting with a prostitute in Germany? You can be overcome by self-doubt, which is why many refuse paid sexual pleasures, but in reality everything is much simpler — you just need to follow a few simple rules. There are a few tips to help you make a good first impression.

Get in the right mood

Most commonly, young inexperienced men with little or no intimate experience struggle with paid dating with women who accompany them. They have a hard time deciding to call a cheap prostitute as they are not sure how to act in such a situation. In order to simplify the situation and get you in the right mood right away, we have collected the most reliable tips that have been tested in practice by experienced womanizers:

  • Don’t forget that an escort girl from the agency does not differ from an ordinary woman, except at work, and you must behave towards her accordingly. A few kind words and light compliments will help her feel sympathy for you, which will guarantee a more attentive and loving attitude.
  • Leave the modesty for everyday life. The direct duty of the prostitute is to satisfy your erotic fantasies, for this she will get money and will try to please you.

You don’t have to hesitate to speak up. If you need to warm up with a girl, you can strike up a casual conversation with her or ask questions of interest. The main thing is not to forget about the purpose of the meeting.

How to behave when meeting a prostitute

The right mood has already been set and the sexy slut has come to the meeting, but the man is still overcome with doubts, which is why he cannot relax. Here are also some practical tips, thanks to which the first sex will bring maximum pleasure:

  • An escort girl is a seasoned professional who can even get a Virgo, so don’t be afraid of the lack of past wins, a paid cutie will easily do everything for you.
  • Don’t worry that a prostitute won’t like you or your looks. Her job is to give you a chance to loosen up and relax, so she’s not at all interested in unspoken abs or outdated hair.
  • Remember, an elite prostitute is not interested in your past, work status or marital status, only pleasure is important to her. So you don’t have to tell her the details of your life and you can even come up with a fictional bio to feel more confident.
  • If the first time with a slut is the first time at all, it is better to order a standard package of services and save erotic experiments for another time. This way you can better understand what exactly you like and how you best have fun.
  • Make an appointment on neutral territory that will be unfamiliar to you and the slut alike. So you’ll be at eye level, which means there’s one less reason to be embarrassed.

These tips are the first step on the road to sexual liberation for both young inexperienced men and mature men for whom sex has become a habitual obligation. Don’t think too much and too long — just relax, tune in and get high from a pleasurable partner and erotic pastime!

How to make yourself understood when meeting a prostitute for the first time

Men can treat prostitutes very differently. Some girls themselves spoil the reputation of this profession, not paying attention to their image and quality of service. But we prefer to talk about beautiful, well-groomed prostitutes who know their business well:

  • It must be remembered that before us, first of all, there is a person. In the rhythm of modern life, we often lose sight of this moment. You need to treat him right while showing respect for wife and yourself. Even the customer benefits from this — politeness and respect improve the attitude of the prostitute and the resulting quality of the sex.
  • Personal conversations are forbidden. Asking about the type, the reason for such a job and other overly personal questions should not be. Otherwise, you need to prepare yourself to hear absolutely fictional stories. If they just came for passion and affection, then you don’t even need to think about such face-to-face conversations, as they destroy all the magic of the meeting. It’s better to talk about something lighter, more relaxed, and more enjoyable.
  • Each girl works with her own price list for services. There is also a list of things not ready to do. And you need to find out about that before the meeting.

An equally important topic is kissing. It’s always quite a touchy subject that’s better to be agreed in advance. Some girls are not willing to kiss clients. If this is of great importance, it can become a serious fad. Therefore, it is logical to discuss this condition for the first time, in order not to clarify things in the middle of the process.

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