"Dresscode for Model" Share your fantasy, make it come true

One of the most important components of a girl’s appearance is her clothes. Escorts should have a special approach to choosing outfits, since the peculiarities of the profession are attending various events with a strict dress code. In addition, you must match the client’s status and level, so as not to embarrass them in front of other influential people. In the article we will consider what the wardrobe of a prostitute frankfurt escort working in the leisure sector should look like.

Girls are chosen for the occasion, so it is advisable to adhere to the dresses. Otherwise the companion stands out from the crowd and no longer fits into the usual society. With such a partner, you definitely cannot cause a sensation in a particular company.

No one should even suspect that the girl is working as an escort

An escort is not a prostitute or a stewardess, she does not need a «uniform». Looking at young woman, no one should even think that she is somehow connected with the sphere of leisure. If we recognize the same flight attendants by their uniforms, and prostitutes dress particularly vulgarly in order to lure men, then the escort lady should in no way give away her profession through her appearance.

The main thing in the work is anonymity and confidentiality. Customers not only want, but demand that the girls look beautiful and as decent as possible, without identifying marks and special signs. The prerequisite is, of course, that the outfit matches the status of the customer. You should pay attention to the escort, but simply as a luxurious model, and not as a casual worker.

The image of the ideal girl

What does the ideal escort girl look like? Your picture consists of many details:

  • Elite escort ladies have their own clientele for whom they dress. Elite Priestesses of Love are characterized by a mature style with a touch of sexuality. The sexy attire usually hides most of the body and effectively accentuates the figure, especially in role-playing games. When you see an expensive whore from https://diamondescort-frankfurt.de/en/escort-frankfurt/ , you can never tell what she does for a living.
  • underwear. Escorts are approached by wealthy men who pay money for the opportunity to admire a beautiful body and enjoy everything it can give. Therefore, call girls are very conscientious when choosing underwear. Beautiful stockings, lacy panties, etc. This is her main weapon that causes arousal When meeting regular customers, their wishes are of course taken into account. In the moth wardrobe there are sets made of latex, leather and silk.
  • High-heeled shoes or sandals, over-the-knee boots are in the arsenal of every girl with easy virtue. The only difference is the quality of the shoes and their price. Street prostitutes have to be content with cheap shoes or boots, while elite ladies can afford good sexual shoes.
  • Makeup for a prostitute. Among the elite prostitutes there is not a single one who would emphasize their main profession with the help of makeup. A restrained style with an emphasis on the eyes or lips is the hallmark of modernity. Some models generally prefer natural makeup while looking a hundred times more spectacular than others.

Mind and charm are the main weapons of escort models and well-groomed women

A girl may look very stylish and beautiful, but a man will never want to get to know her further after sex if there is nothing to discuss with her. Solid and representative customers are not only looking for a pretty accessory in a woman that they can take to every event. Men want a companion:

  • Educated, knows the rules of etiquette, has worldly manners;
  • Versed in all areas of life: politics and economics, art and literature;
  • Is a pleasant conversationalist: she knows how to remain silent at the right moment, does not interrupt, does not ask unnecessary, inappropriate questions (e.g. about work, wife, children);
  • Had an excellent sense of humor when necessary, knew how to improvise in case of force majeure;
  • She is self-confident, because impregnable and too shy young women usually repel men.

In order to get closer to the ideal, girls are constantly working on themselves. The women from escort service attend courses, museums, exhibitions, study a man’s psychology using books and videos on the Internet, attend public speech courses. Their main weapon is not only how they look but also how they charm their customers.

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